Kamiya’s Corporate Vision

To be a reliable partner, we create a team for work efficiently and pursue expectably future.

Philosophy─Value creating & sustainable development

The most important faiths of the process which Kamiya pursue benefits are the Values that more beautiful, more powerful and more significant worth every partner of us to chase. Including the relationships between Kamiya and our stuff, material supplier, group partner and customer, we expect to achieve the goal to develop sustainably together.

Strategy─Control Quality by honest, Face customer by service, Proceed competitiveness by Efficienable

The reasons that Kamiya stand out from tungsten steel circular sawblades’ global market after the competition has been more than 30 years and be an one of the biggest sawblades supplier is because of we think that Honest is our real asset, Quality is our real benefit.

The reasons that Kamiya always can be trusted by customers is because we build service capabilities on efficiently manufacture and doing well in practical openly thinking.

Quality policies─Stable, Efficient, Environment protection.

Be an important sawblades supplier, we think the most valuable composition is High stable quality. We focus on speedy and correct test capabilities, at the same time, we put more importance on social responsibility between company, human and environment.

Commitment─2 satisfactions, 2 growing

Satisfied employees have satisfied customers. So that we pay attention to promote culture of the group and atmosphere. Not only control every indicators of product, but also the structure of business. In this environment, we could make stuff satisfy, than make our customers satisfy, than makes this corporation and social keep promoting and promoting. After all, it’s could make” Satisfied employees have satisfied customers, glowing corporation have growing social.