The ATB are mainly suitable for various woodworking processes. The fibers of the wood are cut through the left and right , and are mostly used in soft hardwood or for facing chipboards of 35 mm or less. It can be further divided into 1.ATB-J and 2. ATB-G.

ATB with one side of Tip grinded(ATB)

1. ATB with one side of Tip grinded(ATB) : This bevel design sheet cuts the workpiece for clean cutting without chipp or sintering with thin kerf.

ATB with both side of Tip grinded (ATB-G)

2. ATB with both side of Tip grinded (ATB-G): Same as item 1 but bears a sharp pointed tip that provides a heat clipping action for very fine finishes for use on cutting Wood, Hard Board, Fiber Board, Particle Board, Plywood and Veneer with heavy load cutting.


The first tooth or lead tooth has a double 45 degree angle corner bevel. This design combines a balanced cutting force, low tooth drag and free chip flow for use on cutting hard wood, plastics and plastics laminated to wood and Non-Ferrous Metals.


The top of each individual tooth is ground square, perpendicular to the sides of the blade. This is designed for heavy duty cutting of ripping/grooving for wood,Non-Ferrous and Ferrous.


Common one combines 4 ATB teeth with 1 Flap this design combines the advantages of shear cutting and balanced cutting for use on cutting wood, Plywood, Veneer, Hard Board, Fiber Board and Particle Board with very smooth cut.